Error message when playing on Facebook?



  • KathyMarieKathyMarie Posts: 1
    I am always constantly getting the orange error message. I keep losing points and losing my streak. My ID is ID: 1022888666
  • SystemSystem Posts: 129 Community Manager
    This discussion was created from comments split from: "An Error has Occured...".
  • Carol_DrozdaCarol_Drozda Posts: 2
    I keep getting the orange screen with "You have experienced an error that we are working hard to fix. Try again in a moment". This has been going on for months now. I have already cleaned my cache and cookies and reloaded game. So please stop stalling and fix the problem like you say you are on the orange screen. Or is that a lie?

  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,001 Community Moderator
    Hi @Carol_Drozda and welcome to our Community!
    I moved your post to this thread in the same topic. 
    Could you let me know your Game ID so I can report this to the Game Studio? Check here how to find it. 
  • Yvi84Yvi84 Posts: 1

    I am getting the orange one. Please help. Thanks

  • JudyGreenwoodJudyGreenwood Posts: 1
    Game ID 2070660569 I have the black cat on the orange screen. I also get a black screen. The latest thing is the screen just freezes. I was trying to play mystery mountain and kept being thrown out also I used 1 life on each level instead of 1 life for the whole game, This has been going on for months but is now getting worse, it was so bad yesterday I had to come right out of the game. I play on my lap top with windows 10. I don't have a phone
  • LynetteLynette Posts: 3,155 Superstar
    ... I'm still on 2614 with no tools. I noticed in Saga Help that you actually used a tool to finish this level, does this mean you can only get through 2614 level if you use tools???
    Hi @Annie_Soutter, sorry, the vids with a blockbuster were mine.
    The level can be done without boosters, a friend of mine managed it, but you have to be incredibly lucky and very patient to keep playing until you get it.
    I got tired of trying after many days!  In my opinion, some of the recent level releases have just been too difficult to complete without help.
    Most players have so many boosters that this is not a problem, so no one comes here to complain.
    This means that King don't see it as a problem, so they will stay too difficult for those of us who like to, or have to, play without help.

    Too many games, not enough time!

  • Steve_LaBruyereSteve_LaBruyere Posts: 16
    Playing game and get to the end of a level and get an error message "you have experienced an error we are trying hard to fix, please try again later" reload the game and everything resets back to beginning. happens on weather alerts and magic mountain. VERY frustrating!!!! been going on for several weeks. when are you going to fix it?
  • Priscilla_NoonerPriscilla_Nooner Posts: 10
    ID 1013691234
    I played the island this morning, took a break and went to another game and when I came back it to finish the island I was put clear back to the beginning of the game and now I am stuck on level 3. I am getting tired of the error messages and being put clear back to the beginning of the island. Please help.
    Priscilla Nooner
  • Annie_SoutterAnnie_Soutter Posts: 21 ✭✭
    ID: 1223891677  On last level in Weather Saga achieved it with my gold bear and before I was credited went to the orange problem window and as before when I refreshed I was back trying for Level 10 . Truly, guys and gals, why is this happening, I put up with it when it isnt stopping me getting a few tools and dont report but when you have been trying for hours to get through to get tools  it is very disappointing when it happens again
  • sam_123sam_123 Posts: 30 ✭✭
    i am playing for a friend level 2670 and weather level number 9 right now and every time i get to the bottom i get the cat with the orange back ground. i can't remember what it says. his ID number is ID: 1501247689  . i mean i am use to the cat but not every single time. it was doing every 3 trys now it is every time. PLEASE help i don't have a chance to pass if it keeps up.  i will also lose the weather alert because of this and he could use what ever boost is on level 10. thank you 
  • Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 2,001 Community Moderator
    Thanks! I have passed on your Game ID:s to the Game Studio @Annie_Soutter @Yvi84 @JudyGreenwood @Priscilla_Nooner @sam_123

    I can assure you that the Game Studio is looking into this, but it it looks to be a very complex issue so there won't be any quick fix for it. I cannot give you any time frame on this, but the studio is doing what they can to get it fixed. 

    Thanks for your patience! 

    @Steve_LaBruyere Could you please let me know your Game ID as well? Check here how to find it. 
  • IrisEbbeIrisEbbe Posts: 2
    It is now well over three months. I have posted here on the games fan page and even contact King games. I get that orange cat screen at least 10times a day. When is the problem going to be solved?  It seems to be a problem in the HTML script because it freezes and then the orange screen right after I win a level.
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