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Hot now in Pyramid ! 💥

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What's up in the Pyramid Solitaire Saga Community right now?

🔥 Hot in the Pyramid Solitaire Saga:

♣️ Celebrate Women's Month with us: Meet @aska_king here and @susanamedina here !!

♥️ Ra's Third Eye: Get some really secret tips on the new Episode 132 !!

♣️ Queens of the Kingdom: Find the Adventurers names and win Gold Bars !!

♥️ Which Power do you prefer? Vote here!!

🔥 Hot in the King Community:

♥️ Are you bored at home? Share your feelings and experiences with us !!
♣️  Who's the cutest of the Kingdom? Vote here !!

 💚 Come together and discover the Community here 💚 
 💜 Spanish, German, French? International Corner 💜 
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