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  • DieOmimi
    DieOmimi Posts: 23,564 Friends Moderator

    @teresawallace44 I just had a simple question, I don't blame anyone. 

    I just wanted to know if there was an event (or maybe a badge) here in the community. 

  • teresawallace44
    teresawallace44 Posts: 4,439 Level 5

    Hi @DieOmimi

    I’m sorry if it sounded like that. I was basically saying that there’s nothing at this point but there’s still time. 👍😁

    Sorry to you both if it sounded rude. @Lola_Pop and you too @DieOmimi. 💕



  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 108,193 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Awesome! @DieOmimi 👍😮

    I think @Lola_Pop should be given Level 4000 badge who have reached up to Level 4000 on this game. (I also find Farm Heroes Super Saga : Level 4000 Badge here and Blossom Blast Saga : Level 4000 Badge here approved) 😊

    Anyway, Diamond Diaries Players and I haven't reached 3000 levels yet. We are on Max Level : Level 2630 on Diamond Diaries Saga currently yet. 😅 Don't worry! We will keep continue playing until Level 3000 is here. 😄

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 108,193 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    edited December 2021

    Hello there! Pyramid Solitaire Players! 👋😄

    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Thank you for your playing Pyramid Solitaire Saga! ❤️😊

    Would you like to be contacted in the community for discussions and Gold Bars here? (by @teresawallace44 the Pyramid Solitaire Moderator)

    You can also participate and answer here (🍪 Art Challenge : Bake, decorate and post 🍪), here (Who is ready to unscramble these sentences?) and here (⛄️🌲 Ho Ho Happy Holidays Community Wide Hub Contest) that you can chance to win gold bars on this game! 😉

    Also check another exciting news and threads (click on spoiler warming button here) :

    🤠 Celebrate Level 4000 with us, Adventurers HERE! 🥳

    💫From King with love Learn more about our sweet initiatives

    What makes our Kingdom so special HERE?

    🏁🚙 Road to King Community Legend and beyond! Levels, Points, Answer, Badges and more HERE!

    📰 Community Newsletter - December Edition HERE

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    ⛄ Art Challenge : Do you want to build a snowman? - Get Badge HERE! ⛄

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    Holiday gift, from King to you! Extra levels HERE!

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    The King Audio Lab HERE! 🔉

    Art Nook: King Fanart HERE! 🎨

    Have a nice and safety day! ❤️😄

  • teresawallace44
    teresawallace44 Posts: 4,439 Level 5

    Thank you @Diamond Lim for participating in this post. 💕🤗

    Pyramid players can now get a badge and wallpaper. 💕👍

    Thanks for your recommendation for a level 4000 badge. 💕🤗

    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 108,193 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    You are welcome and we hope more new Pyramid Solitaire Players will be coming to check and celebrate Level 4000 with a badge and an exclusive wallpaper thread! They love them! @teresawallace44 😄

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 108,193 Diamond Diaries Moderator
    edited June 2022

    Let's introduce myself! 😉

    I am Diamond Lim (You can also called me Lim is short as well). I am 23 years old (from Malaysia 🇲🇾) while still Diamond Diaries Moderator (also Diamond Diaries Expert Player) that I can still help players to solve any levels and problems on Diamond Diaries Community. 💍😄

    Of course! I always love playing Diamond Diaries Saga as this game is my best favourite and opinion King's Game forever especially I love linking charms and also love diamonds and beautiful destinations! 💎😍

    I am not just Diamond Diaries Moderator, that's right! They also called me "Queen of the Tags / Tagging Queen / Hero" as they always need my help to tag them when new exciting contests and threads around King Community. 😉

    Anyway, I am still very busy to do (also sadness sometimes) and dislike chatting in my real life mostly.

    And I have Learning Disabilities (from 2009 to present) then I have speaking languages are very slow and bad. I have speaking four languages are Chinese (Main/Major Language), Cantonese, Malay (But Minor/Lessly) and English. I speak and write English is little bad but I love to speak and write English better than Chinese. But I can still do and help players around King Community from early 2019 to present. (I joined on King Community on 14th July 2018) 😊

    So I will still trying my best to do and help players around King Community! 👍😄

    I am shining like a diamond! Sassy! 💍😄

    💎 Diamond Lim 💎

    (Diamond Diaries Moderator)

  • tbaier79
    tbaier79 Posts: 0 Newbie

    I'm new to the community and just wanted to say hi!

  • wykoon
    wykoon Posts: 12,516 Community Hub Moderator

    Hello there @tbaier79 and welcome to the Community!

    Please to e-meet you! You're now in Pyramid Solitaire Saga forum and the Mod in Charge of this forum is our @teresawallace44 whilst I'm the Hub Moderator.

    To help you get started, please check out Community Guide - All you need to know! and The House Rules. The full list of other discussions can be found here. We are currently running a contest here in celebration of PSS 5K milestones. Feel free to participate.

    Also, you may check out Players Corner for exciting discussions that are on-going or join our current contest.

    If you are interested to know about advancing to the next level in this Community, earning points and collecting badges, just click on 🏁 🚙 Road to become a King Community Legend and beyond!

    Let us know if you need any assistance in navigating around or any questions relating to King's games.

    Have fun exploring and see you around!


  • Aquakrystal
    Aquakrystal Posts: 1 Newbie

    Dropping by to say Hi. I'm new here but been playing the game for years. I'm currently at 1643.

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