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(FIXED) You DID NOT receive your REWARD at the end of the level/episode?



  • DreamDancerDreamDancer Posts: 103 ✭✭✭
    edited October 14
    Level 1338
    Won the bubblegum round, got a couple of hammers, a couple of 30 minute powerup's, Mr. Toffee came out and thanked me, and the game crashed. On restarting the game there was no 30 minute powerup's running, so not sure I got my hammers either.

    User ID 7097808862
  • kindalikekingkindalikeking Posts: 1
    Did not receive rewards after finishing levels since I started.  Currently at level 140. 
  • NightWo1f27NightWo1f27 Posts: 3
    Hi! I just finished a map of 700 to get to 701, and I did not recieve my map reward. How do I go about getting that reward? My id is linked to my Facebook profile so I dont know how to find my id.
  • heykdoheykdo Posts: 1
    My ID: 1237422026 
    Passing level 640 and 660
  • pennypoopennypoo Posts: 2
    1006358845 just finished level 1160
  • Michael198510Michael198510 Posts: 1
    Sadly I also am in the same predicament of not receiving my sweet rewards at the end of the episode twice from level 440 and level 460, and hoping not level 480 which I'm fast approaching.
    Gamer ID: 10755545117
  • Sandrynha1207Sandrynha1207 Posts: 1
    Id: 1211113799
    Não recebi os prêmios ao final dos níveis 1020 e 1040.
  • Jessica675Jessica675 Posts: 1
    Completed all 10 Raccoon levels but I didn’t receive her as a reward.
    account id: 1452932229
  • guirambaldiguirambaldi Posts: 1
    Game ID: 1402542959

    Didn't get my rewards at level 480 and 500.
  • arictheredaricthered Posts: 1
    edited October 15
    Did not receive end of island prize for 940 or 960
    ID # 1896973067
  • Game ID# 9996149470
    Did not receive my reward after level 1000, 1020, 1040, and 1060.
  • ffsffs Posts: 5
    Level 620, No rewardType your comment
  • Jayb1972Jayb1972 Posts: 2
    Didn’t get rewards at end of 1020. User ID is 1454341059. Thank you.
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 6,220 Community Manager
    edited October 15
    Hi everyone! 

    Thanks for sharing your details! I have now added the missing rewards to your game :star: 

    @cloeynorg, that worked and the rewards have been added!

    @NightWo1f27 - I've found your account with the email address you've used to register to the Community. Therefore, I was able to add the rewards to your game too ;) 

    @heykdo - I am sorry but I cannot find any CCFS game with that ID. Could you please double check? 

    @Sandrynha1207, welcome to the Community! Please note we only speak English here so everyone can understand and be understood. So I would like to ask you to please use English for now. I have added your rewards, so no need to repost in English ;) 

    @Jessica675, welcome! I am sorry that you did not get Rachel. However, please note that to unlock her, you needed to complete the 10 side levels and collect all 45 stars for the star chaser. If you haven't completed the last part, then unfortunately, she won't be added to your Friends' list for now. But don't worry, Rachel will be back ;)

    The Game Studio have found the problem and a fix will be release shortly. Until then, keep on posting here so I can add the rewards for you.

    Thanks and stay sweet🍒

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  • CoJLoKsVzlaCoJLoKsVzla Posts: 4
    passed me twice. 
    1520 to 1521
    150 to 1541

    1st time i tough i pressed something too fast. was almost falling sleep. but 2nd time i send a ticket from Mobile directly. 

    any answer about this problem? solution or bug were found? 

    my mobile details in case its helps.
    Huawei Honor 5c (nem al10) 3gb ram 32rom. Android 7.0. Emui 5. 

    game updated - Spanish Language
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