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🎄 A Friend-Tastic Holiday ❄️

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Ho, ho, ho lovely people! 

Have you been kind this year?!
We're sure you have and to celebrate a wonderful year together, we have some magical surprises coming for you! 

You probably have noticed that the countdown has ended and that an advent calendar with new levels and sweet rewards has appeared instead... Welcome to our Holiday Event 🤗 

This event will be running from today, 2nd of December to the 1st of January 2020!
You need to be at least on level 19 and play on version 1.26 to be able to see the event.

During the whole event, the Holiday Calendar book will open automatically as follow: once per day, every day, after the daily login calendar.

. Each week offers 7 levels, 1 per day.
. Winning all the 7 levels of the week will grant you the Week Reward.
. There are 4 weeks, so 28 levels in total.
. Winning all 28 levels will give you access to our exclusive Superstar Challenge.

Good luck!


🏆  So how many levels and characters will you be able to unlock?
Show us for some Gold bars here!

👉 And please, help us make the game sweeter than ever and answer our UX Team questions here!

Every Monday, I will post a series of questions for you. Like this, our amazing Game Studio will be able to see what you like, dislike or what you'd like to see in events like this one. It only takes a minute and it will allow us to listen to your wishes and needs! 
(Look for the 🎄to find the survey. I will also be posting the link every Monday in comment below). 

🌈 Fancy an exclusive Candy Friends wallpaper for your phone or desktop?
The Art Team is sharing a very special one just for you here! Come and download it.

More info about the event here.


Thank you everyone and don't forget to have fun! 
Happy Holiday 


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