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Rare diseases awareness month



  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 2,494 Superstar

    Hi @Nat09 , @Elsa and @firebombmarkus .

    I would like to thank you for the kind comments and to be honest, I didn't even wait that right now, 8 people would loved my comment.

    First of all @Elsa , I lost my grandmother (from my mom's side) when I was 16 years old. Do you know how sad is when you come back from your Summer holidays and three days later, the person that you really loved all these years to die so suddenly?

    (In my 16 years old, my grandmom died in September 2 and in September 14, I was ready to go in first class of High School and you know, new school, new experiences and so on) .

    I know that many years passed from then but it still hurts and the worst part is that back then, I didn't have noone to support me and give me energy to move on. Actually, noone gave a care how I felt back then from this traumatic situation because as I said I really loved my grandmother and it costed me so bad and those new kids in school when they asked me why I was sad and explained them the situation with my grandmother, instead of supporting me, they just said: 'Oh did this happen? Don't worry, you will gonna overcome this soon. ' or 'Why are you crying? It's just your grandmother only and not your mother.'

    I still remember their words and if I could, I would kicked them . Seriously, cause of that, I spent 3 years on High School alone. It was my choice because those people were very fake and very selfish. They cared only for which one is the best in class than to support each other.

    Now about the psychologist that you mentioned @firebombmarkus , I went once to him when I was 13 or 14 years old and I was in secondary school in that case. Actually, cause it wasn't so easy to me to make friends cause of the fear that I had with bullies, my parents took me there so to help me to overcome that fear. But this psychologist was a very bad man. Not only he didn't listen completely my problems but he blamed me that I caused the trouble with bullies and he didn't even help. He treated me like a criminal. As a result, when I went out and explained in my parents what he said about me, my parents became angry and along with other parents who took their kids to this psychologist too before, they made complaints and he ended up in the jail in the end.

    Thanks to this uncomfortable situation, I didn't want to go in psychologist again (and still, I don't wanna go) and about bullies, well, they targeted another new kid so they didn't tease me anymore.

    And I made friends but there is a problem. Back then (cause I was born in 1992) , we didn't have our own cell phones and laptops too. As the result, when secondary school was over, I lost the contact with some of my friends. I discovered two of them on Facebook (I grew up and so I have my own laptop now) but the problem is that they live in another country so I'm here alone.

    And @Nat09 , about the anxiety part, well I have it from when I was kid. I was the kid who tried all her best to pass the exams and brought good grades (cause my parents and actually my mom became angry with me if I even have a bad grade in my school card) .

    Cause of that, I developed two kind of anxieties which I try so hard to overcome them but it's not easy.

    It's the fear of failure and the trusting fear.

    The fear of failure is and from what I said from my example, a fear that it actually came from my own parents. They never accepted my failures. Ok. From one side, I understand that they wanted the best from me but from the other side, when they shouted at me even and for the smallest mistakes, they made me feel so dumb, that I can't do nothing. Trust me, when my parents shouts in my face, I freaked out so much and as the result, I've got into anxiety mode and I can't focus well.

    And the trusting fear is that I can't trust people so easily because some are fake and selfish like when I was in High School. Except from High School, I noticed it and in my three relationships that I made these years when I was still a student.

    At first, everything were wonderful and they said those big words like 'I love you and I want to be with you forever or the rest of my life' but when it was time for next step so the relationship to become serious, they started the excuses. Th first one ' Sorry but I want free relationship so I can't be in love with you anymore' , the second 'sorry but I don't have my own home so to be officially together with you' and the third one 'you are good woman but I cheated on you yesterday' and he left like nothing to happen.

    Cause of that, I'm not trusting noone so easily anymore and I keep my eyes open.

    With few words, I'm sweet and kind girl but cause of my fears, I'm very sensitive so I cried very easily sometimes.

    Sofia1992: ~ A sweet girl, full of love and passion for Candy Crush Games and Community too!~

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  • BQN537BQN537 Posts: 11,857 Game Expert

    Thank you 😊 @wafercookieflippers you are one in a million. I am very honored to know you dear friend 🥰🐨

    “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”                
    Helen Keller 🦋


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