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(ENDED) 🐾 Lovely Pets- win Gold in a Friends style Contest!



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  • MollyMollsMollyMolls Posts: 983 Level 3

    I have 2 "furry kids' Elwood (gray) n Jake ( black)..they are named after the Blues Brothers..Jake weighs 20lbs n is afraid of his own shadow...Elwood weighs 11 lbs and picks on his brother all the time..They are from the same litter and are 10 years old..lots of fun! 😺😻 Thank you for letting me share! Xoxo

  • AshrafAshraf Posts: 8,481 Sweet Legend

    Now I do not have pets to raise, but back then, when I was a child, my parents bought me two birds in a cage,


    I think they were parrots. and I loved them very much..

    I thought one day that staying in the cage might be bad for them .. They might feel sad... I don't know, So I decided to give them their freedom😅 I opened the cage for them.. and they flew away.

    I was a little sad at the time because I imagined that they would return,😅 but of course they set off flying to the sky😂

    Later I regretted that... perhaps the cage was better for them, so I used to give them to eat and drink regularly🤔.. I don't know...

    But I am sure that God provided them with food and drink.🤲


    If my pets were to be made a character in this game, What would their name be?🤔

    Parrotta & Parrottina 😂

    What about their powers & abilities? 🤔

    They can fly together as if they are dancing (in a love dance), 💕

    Red hearts appear and turn into fish around the game screen.

    How about their costume?

    I don’t think they need clothes, they wear their wonderful colored feathers 😍 .. Maybe every event.. They appear as other types of parrots with different colors🤔.. They may wear glasses in the form of hearts sometimes.❤️❤️

    What type of Levels would your pet be most helpful at? 🤔 I don't know😂 maybe most of them.

  • vampylostvampylost Posts: 4 Newbie

    I think the super hard ones

  • vampylostvampylost Posts: 4 Newbie

    Maybe the higher levels like 100 and up

  • Hippie64Hippie64 Posts: 28 Level 2

    When grandma visits she knits a costume for Pecan Turtles 🐢. His special power is gobbling up 3 spaces in any direction. With all his costumes he will succeed.!

  • aautz1aautz1 Posts: 347 Level 3

    This is Dani..we always dyed her pink...originally a white poodle.

    I think she would be best for the superhard levels. Because of her color

  • BQN537BQN537 Posts: 17,808 Legend
    edited April 22

    Hi 🙋‍♀️ @gr33n3y3z

    This is Syd a blue heeler cross staffy.

    He has long since passed away but the main thing he liked was chasing after a frisbee.

    So I wouldn’t change his name so I will keep it as Syd and his powers could be like Nutcrackers but instead of just taking one layer he removes two just to make it easier.

    He would be best for dunk the cookies 🍪 and spread the jam levels

  • Iffu2Iffu2 Posts: 864 Level 4

    Candy kingdom pet ۔۔۔۔۔

    Dachs۔۔۔۔ The 🐕


  • Kate3AKate3A Posts: 776 Level 3

    This is not my cat, but looks a lot like it. A friend named her once but I don't even remember it, I always called her kittie anyway.

    The house has some vine roots around it, to make shade and grapes on the 1st floor where I live. My cat was always hidding amongst the leaves, trying to catch the birds that came for the grapes. She used the vine trunk to go down on the ground floor yard and back up. She liked grapes but never ate them from the vine, she meowed at me to cut some and feed her. She hated indoors, she would never stay inside for more than an hour, I had to move her bed on the balcony. One day almost a year ago she just dissapeared, and I haven't adopted a new one since, i think I'm still waiting for her to return, hoping she's still alive.

    I would say blue candies for her, as she loved an oversised blue sweater I had with a tube pocket, and she would often sit inside it, head out one end, back-feet and tail out the other end, while I was walking around.

    Maybe after 15 blue candies, she would place a color-candy on the board.

  • gr33n3y3zgr33n3y3z Posts: 8,849 Friends Moderator

    Oh my..oh my! These cute pets😍.

    @1509hk1547 - aww your bunny squad is adorable. That's really honorable to have gotten your bunny from a rescue 💪🤗.

    @actipton80 - your bird is beautiful! What kind of words does he say I'm just curious 😁? When I was a child I used to have a bird too, and my mother taught the bird how to say 'here kitty kitty' and it would tease the cats we had in the house 😅.

    @Lola_Pop- your bunny was super cute, I love the color. Haha Lilliepop I love the name😁.

    @Ashraf - that was a really sweet story you told about your birds and releasing them into back the wild. I know you might feel some regret now not knowing their status,because they were so used to being handled by humans ,but I'm sure They were much happier being able to fly around and doing bird things 🤗

    @Krystib - your dog Leo is lovely! You made me laugh ' Leo is teaching me to stop and smell the flowers' 😅, sounds like your dog is super fun to hang around with.

    @aautz1 - Bella sounds like a sweet cuddly dog, I find it cute that she's afraid of bubbles and birds🤗. My cat is also afraid of bubbles, I find it hilarious 😅.

    @MollyMolls- your two cats have awesome names! I like the background story on how you named them after the Blues Brothers.

    @BQN537- your dog Syd, was a really beautiful dog🤗. I like the idea about removing two layers of the blockers that would be really helpful 💪.

    @hippie @Hippie64- I love the turtle knitting that your grandma does, that's so sweet. I've never seen a turtle with a cute little knitted outfit around the shell oh my gosh 😍. Love it!

    @Iffu2- Dach's is a super cool friend indeed,and a great helper in dunk the cookie levels for sure!

    @Kate3A - I hope your cat finds it's way back to you safe and sound🤗. That's really cool I've never heard of cats eating grapes interesting!

    @rajdeeptb - oh my gosh! Your dog is so darn cute! What breed of dog is he/ she?

  • BQN537BQN537 Posts: 17,808 Legend

    Thanks @gr33n3y3z

    Syd was one of a kind 🤠

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