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(ENDED) 🐾 Lovely Pets- win Gold in a Friends style Contest!



  • GlenysBGlenysB Posts: 336 Level 3
    edited April 13


    This boy came into our lives when we adopted him at the age of 4 due to his first mum having ill health, sadly he is no longer with us but he looked after us for 6 years.

    His naughty trick was to chase after other dog's balls/toys etc and not giving them back.

    He would be useful to make any candy disappear. lol and would look good in a wizards hat and cape and he could be called Merlin..

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  • gr33n3y3zgr33n3y3z Posts: 8,845 Friends Moderator

    Hi crushers 🍭,

    These pets are too cute!

    @Werner_Cichy your cat is so sassy with those sunglasses, I love the picture she looks so relaxed and ready for a holiday 😎⛱️.

    @MountainMom thanks for the fun information pretty cool to know. I think a pair of sunglasses is awesome, looking cool while munching on candy 🍭

    @crippso69 Willow is a really pretty name and your dog really love the snow, I love the picture. Pretty cool ideas I think Yeti would love to team up with Willow🥶❄️.

    @Puhadoesthehula41 thank you for sharing your two bully's, I like their names very gorgeous dogs you have😄.

    @DieOmimi aww your cat is too cute, that's awesome that you got her from a shelter ☺️ all animals need a family. Wow I love your idea I could vision it in my head as I read your idea.

    @nnarkis I love the birthday cake in the picture for Shadow how sweet. Even if it's not your pet I bet he's still fun to be around. I love your idea of the dog ' licking' a 2×2 carmel cups blockers for dunk the cookies levels.

    @DGenevieve thank you for sharing that lovely bird, very unfortunate. I'm sure you gave her comfort and her last moments of life 💚. I love the name Skye, I like the idea of a bird with armor breaking the locks on the hearts, how cool😄.

    @tinin@tininha1975 Sandra is so adorable with that bow in her hair😄. Nice idea who doesn't like a coloring candy on the board? Great power, thank you for sharing.

    @bearwithme Pippen is a cool name, I love her cute red coat in the picture. I like the power it sounds very useful and creative😉.

    @GlenysB thank you for sharing your dog here, she was truly beautiful🤗. I can totally see a wizard hat & cape 😄 on your dog how cute!

  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 10,900 Ambassador

    Hi @gr33n3y3z This is Leo ( I think the whole community knows Leo by now 😉🤣🤣)

    He’s the sweetest bunny ever 😍 very affectionate, never stumps his foot ( not like his friend Stormy) but if you make him upset, boy, he will turn around and snob you and give you the bunny butt 😂 too cute 🥰

    Leo would need a special level, like dunk the cookies, but this one would be, dunk the carrot 🥕 instead of chocolate, it would be ranch dip 😋😂 You will need to collect 15 orange candy for him to destroy a vertical line. And since he loves Halloween, he would have a pumpkin costume 😆

    We could call him BunBuns the Bunny 😁

  • Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 8,656 Community Manager

    Hahah we can never have enough of Leo, @Nat09 ! 😍

  • gr33n3y3zgr33n3y3z Posts: 8,845 Friends Moderator

    @Nat09 ,

    Oh your bunny Leo is so sweet, I literally just want to cuddle with the little dude 🤗 i love the dunk the carrots in ranch dipping sauce idea lol so funny 😂.

  • 1509hk15471509hk1547 Posts: 42 Level 2

    this little guy is my eldest baby, his name is Bunny (I am sorry). he was rescued in 2015, he is 10 years old now. his girlfriend, nikita, is more pitbull than a rabbit, really. she will attack you at first sight, but anyway I still love her and will continually try to pet her🤣🤣

    my youngest goes by Rogerinho, (Brazilian way to say "little roger").

    if they were supposed to be characters in a game, I'd keep their names and put hats on the boys and a big flower crown on nikita's head. my bunny squad would help jumping or digging in levels with bananas, hay or grass.

  • 1509hk15471509hk1547 Posts: 42 Level 2

    @Nat09 omg!!!! your bunny just looks like my youngest one 💕💕💕

  • actipton80actipton80 Posts: 405 Level 3
    edited April 15

    I don't have any really good pics of my dog, but I do have a nice portrait of my budgie, Izzy, He's a sweet little bird, and he talks too.

    If Izzy was in the game he would collect cyan candies for his power because they match his color the closest. I'm not sure what his power would be, but since budgies like to pull on strings and things, maybe he would do double damage to three licorice links that are not next to each other.

  • Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 8,656 Community Manager
    edited April 15

    Hello sweet Friends,

    After seeing so many sweet bunnies around, I've decided to go with our Lillie this time- she's not with us anymore, but she was a very special rabbit. So strong-willed and stubborn 🤣.

    Her Candy Friends name would be LilliePop (hahaha) and her superpower would definitely have something to do with the wrapped candies, as she was quite "explosive" but sweet 🐰❤️

  • Nat09Nat09 Posts: 10,900 Ambassador

    Thanks @gr33n3y3z 🥰

    @1509hk1547 love your bunnies 😍 they are adorable, the last one does look like Leo 🥰

    Love the picture of Lillie @Lola_Pop cool shades 😂 sorry she has past away. She sounds like my other bunny Stormy ( my son really) what a storm he can bring 🤣 a lot of attitude for such a small bunny, he likes to stump a lot 🤣

  • KrystibKrystib Posts: 2 Newbie

    Here is my dog Leo. We named him Leo because he was so small and my kids thought that he should have a big name so it was Leonardo. 😆 He is a miniature Daschund and is 13 years old. But he and I still go out 3 times a day for walks. He is such a great dog and a member of my family.

    In this picture, Leo is teaching me to stop and smell the flowers 👃🌼😄

  • aautz1aautz1 Posts: 344 Level 3

    This is Bella we got her from the SPCA. She loves going to our neighbors house to be loved on...she's very sweet she's never bitten anyone. But she's also a scaredy cat. She's scared of bubbles..she doesn't like baths..and sometimes birds scare her. I'm glad to have gotten her, she can tell when something is wrong.

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