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Characters stuck downloading- Under investigation!



  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 21,889 Sweet Legend


    For me it was like this, when I started playing, the game freezes for about 2 - 4 seconds and then it went on. It only ever happened once when I opened the app. I looked for the update and emptied the cache every time. I'll have my tablet checked by an expert (my nephew). There were problems in other games as well. The app keeps crashing from Jelly and in Candy Crush the Polaystore was loaded after the end of the game. There are just too many mistakes. I often hear this from the players. I had read what was offered to help me with it. Only I don't dare to do it. Because as soon as you do something, it can happen that nothing works. I had had that many times in the past. I was told so much by the support and then I couldn't play anymore because everything was broken. I asked that my game should be checked and gave my ID number. But wasn't done because I hadn't tried the steps. I also find it sad.

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  • LaurenmlhLaurenmlh Posts: 368 Level 3

    She was working under her other costume, but wanted to see if she was still malfunctioning. She's the only one.

    Player id is not where @DieOmimi showed. Android mobile

    I cleared the cache and above costume is still downloading but I can use original Jelly queen.

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 16,781 Friends Moderator

    @BQN537 @Rifka_Belkin @Laurenmlh at the moment there are generally problems with the Jelly Queen, which gets stuck while charging. The studio is looking for a solution. As @Lola_Pop writes above, we will all be informed as soon as there is a solution.

    With the freezing of the screen I also have problems with some levels. I can't make a move, but I could use a lollipop or finish the level. I just hear that others have problems with it too. I noticed that it is always when red candies are collected for a friend, so with the red rabbit and with Tiffi. 

  • Jelly_MinahJelly_Minah Posts: 11 Level 2

    @DieOmimi I'm sorry I'm too late(the case of september 10), but I just wanted to thank you! my Olivia Sherif finally works again! Thank you and the studio very much!

  • CarolSWCarolSW Posts: 11 Level 2

    ID 1000825264 - Hi. I’m experiencing the same issue and can only use Yeti 1 as all other friends are stuck in downloading. I have gone through the process of force stopping, clearing cane, deleting the game, switching off my iPad Pro, reinstalling the game. Prior to all this I was able to select more friends. Please help.

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 16,781 Friends Moderator

    Thank you for your feedback @Jelly_Minah. Unfortunately, now the Jelly Queen has a problem with charging. It seems like a bigger deal, the studio is working on a solution.

  • CarolSWCarolSW Posts: 11 Level 2

    Hi, stuck on level 2431 as none of the characters are available. What’s going on?

  • tomatopotatotomatopotato Posts: 2 Newbie

    My Olivia is now fixed, but Jelly Queen doesn't load. My ID is 12334519940.

  • BubbleGumSodaBubbleGumSoda Posts: 4,439 Level 5
    edited September 2021

    You are not the only one who has this issue with the jelly queen l also have it everyone does so just be patient and wait for any updates

  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 16,781 Friends Moderator

    @CarolSW there is currently a problem with the Jelly Queen, it is currently being investigated and the studio is working on a solution.

    If you're also having trouble with other friends, please check for updates to your game first and run them. If this solves your problem, you can continue playing. Otherwise, please try the standard troubleshooting: Log out of the game, turn off / shut down the device completely for a few minutes. Then turn it back on and log in to the game. You also need a strong and stable internet connection. 

  • kimmyfrankimmyfran Posts: 1 Newbie

    OK found my ID 1002302159

    Thank you!

  • Rifka_BelkinRifka_Belkin Posts: 18 Level 2

    My freezing only happens at the beginning of a new level and forces me to quit the round and restart it. That also means I lose a life and my winning streak.

    As for loading a player in a different costume when they won't load.. if they won't load,how do you change the costume?


  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 16,781 Friends Moderator

    @Rifka_Belkin For me, the screen freezes when I choose a friend who brings "energy" as a gift and at the same time I have received the same "energy" as a reward and it is active. By "energy" I mean what is displayed in the Nutcracker in my example. The Jelly Queen brings a striped candy, the chewing gum roll a wrapped candy.

    When you start a level, you will be shown the possible joy of it. If you have more costumes for this friend, you'll see it like in my example with the Nutcracker. I could then choose the Nutcracker in a different costume. Unfortunately, it does not work with the Jelly Queen at the moment. But it should work for all other friends.

  • iculkniculkn Posts: 8 Level 2
    edited September 2021

    Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. It was just Jelly queen stuck before and now it's all characters, can't play the game at all anymore. I am an actual paying customer who has lost the use of so many boosters and timed .

    I would also have random start of a level and you could not do anything at all but use boosters. This games latest update is so problematic.


    I cleared cache several times. When I uninstalled and reinstalled it locked the game up completely. Fully taking away all my timed perks.

    Thid is now turning into robbery.

    Update: jelly queen still refuses to download. Others appear to be back to functioning, but still am out so many time boosters and perks.

  • RohaRoha Posts: 24 Level 2
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