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We want your feedback on Rachel and her Quest!



  • kalanilehuakalanilehua Posts: 55 Level 3
    Excited to have added Rachel to my collected characters, but I wish there was an option to go back and play the first part of the challenge to get in more practice with her and her rainbow candy! 🌈

    @MightyWolf: I would love to see a costume for Olivia too! 😉
  • dchamaidchamai Posts: 4 New Bee
    Hi i cant see this event or any of the previous events while my friends all can and have before. Help me please
  • LisaMarieLisaMarie Posts: 23 Level 2
    Love Rachel!! She's a lot of fun, I hope I can get her permanently soon. I agree with what Sofia said above the levels are very difficult & I play CCF every day. 
    I'd like a costume for Olivia in the future too. You guys are doing a great job, BTW. I always look forward to what's coming next 😀
  • Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 324 Game Expert
    Thanks @LisaMarie .
    I'm glad that you loved my opinion so much.
    I think that everyone else deserve to enjoy the game more and more so why not to share my opinion at all?
    This game is awesome and it can be better and better (or better to say sweeter than ever) .

    Oh and I would like to see Olivia again in the future (cause I didn't get her) but it's ok really.
    She might appear in the future again, who knows...?

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  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 15,568 Superstar
    The map is beautiful, loves all the macaroons, but I have to be honest this is the toughest challenge by far 🤗

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  • litocorrealitocorrea Posts: 3 New Bee
    No puedo jugar este evento
  • LauraLMasonLauraLMason Posts: 377 Level 4
    Rachel is quite cute and does seem to have unique abilities. The levels are challenging and I am having to work hard to try to keep her!  As of now I have finished part 1 and collected 14  stars.  It would be nice to see an Olivia option sometime since I wasn't playing Friends yet at the time of her contest.

  • towenttowent Posts: 1
    I don't like the response to losing a game that you'all have written into Rachel.  Turning her back to shake her tail & backside at us has me thinking the Raccoon thinks she is above whoever dared to lose.  Artist from Paris or not I don't care for her attitude.  Thought I'd let you know this.  It's a good game  I like it.  thank you......towent.......
  • wafercookieflipperswafercookieflippers Posts: 3,373 Superstar
    Positive review—most everything else is great!  

    The artwork and design for the map was more stunning than expected. I personally really enjoy Rachel’s mannerisms and voice. I was thrilled to see that we immediately got to start playing with Rachel. That was really cool and I appreciated that opportunity. 

    Many have commented that the levels are difficult and needed the option to use another character. I think some of this is the steep learning curve of the new power. I wish the rainbow candy was a bit slower so that I could see what is happening. I found myself trying to look at “before and afters” of things like blockers to see what she worked on and what she didn’t. I’m still not certain. There were some amazing moments like when I saw the rainbow candy jump over a hole in the board for the first time and hit a candy on the other side! That is a fantastic move and it happened with a regular candy match! However I would have missed it if I wasn’t paying close attention or if I wasn’t trying to beat the level for the 4th time. In this way, I began to think of this challenge as a type of “Rachel Training Camp” where you learn her strengths and weaknesses. That is fun for me! I enjoy figuring things out like that. The only problem is that we have limited lives so playing around with her does feel rushed. It is hard to keep in mind that we have 14 days for the challenge. You also don’t want to spend an entire day waiting on lives just so you can play around with a new character (unfortunately).

    Oh, one of her major weaknesses seems to be her hints. I know this is true of other characters too, but I caught myself following her orders verbatim because I didn’t know the rainbow candy well enough yet. That is usually when I got into trouble. Just remember: if you wouldn’t do everything that Tiffi tells you to do, don’t do everything Rachel tells you to do either. 

    Lastly, the only negative thing really, I hate having to do the 45 star chaser. It feels like a burden. I am not sure what the alternative could be—maybe some sort of quests like the daily quests? Or fewer stars? But 45 is a lot for me at level 1670 and I am actually a little worried about getting to the finish line in time. 

    Thanks to the King team who did all the art, level design, etc. for a job well done. ❤️👏

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