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Win free boosters with the Candy Story! (Part 3) .. FINISHED!

ElsaElsa Posts: 23,355 Superstar
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Our Tiffi has been around the King studio for many years.  She has met and helped many characters.  Some of them have followed her from Candy Crush Saga through to Candy Crush Friends Saga. How well do you know these characters?  Here is your chance to find out!   


This is a 3-part multiple-choice challenge.  Today you be viewing part three which is the final part.  You have one month to complete this contest.

All the answers can be found in our community, Once upon a time, in the Kingdom.   You will be looking for the answers in the “Tiffi is back!” story and the “Red Rabbit, Red Rabbit what’s going on with you?” story. 

You can also access the stories individually:  Tiffi is back!  and  Red Rabbit, Red Rabbit what’s going on with you?

10 lucky winners will be randomly chosen to receive three free boosters for your game.

All participants who complete all three parts with the correct answers will be awarded a new badge for your collection.  @QueenMia is working on the badge, as we speak, so once it’s completed she will be posting it here.

Below are the third week’s multiple-choice questions.  Good luck! 

1.       Red Rabbit has always wanted to run fast so he delights in his daily speed sprints.  But he has another goal that he wants to reach next.  What is that goal?

A.      Create all kinds of special treats

B.      Become a famous rock star

C.      Play a trumpet

D.      Become a comedian


2.       What does Yeti not enjoy doing?

A.      Eating chocolate

B.      Yoga and meditation

C.      Daily speed sprints

D.      Helping the players


3.       Red Rabbit lives in:

A.      Lollipop Meadows

B.      Candy Town Farms

C.      Both A & B

D.      None of the above


4.       Who is obsessed with their own achievements?

A.      Misty

B.      Bubblegum Troll

C.      Red Rabbit

D.      Olivia


5.       Olivia comes from a board game where the tensions can get pretty high pretty fast.

A.      True

B.      False


6.       Why does Mr. Toffee get so upset?

a.       Tiffi came home very late

b.       Red Rabbit makes a mess

c.       Bubblegum Troll makes a mess

d.       None of the above


In order to qualify for this contest, please make sure to use the spoiler when responding. 


You have until Monday 21st  of October 13pm CET to participate!
You can read the Terms and Conditions here.    


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