issue: Why can't I send or receive lives/help on Candy Crush Saga?



  • Marilyn-3Marilyn-3 Posts: 70 Level 2
    I'm having the exact same problem too. I've sent 4 messages for help, got 2 answers that they were working on the problem, was asked for a screenshot of the game, then nothing more. As for downloading the CC app, I did that for another game and lost ALL my favorite friends. You play with all new friends. 
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  • moustachemoustache Posts: 23 Level 2
    Je kan het ook langs de positieve kant bekijken , ga bewuster en beter om met de 5 levens die je nog ter beschikking krijgt . Dit werpt ook zijn vruchten af . Natuurlijk met in het achterhoofd dat alles wel in orde komt.

    Vriendelijke groeten
  • Deejay100sixDeejay100six Posts: 26 Level 2
    Will be a week tomorrow without lives being sent or received. I just finished an episode so if its the same for tickets, thats game over for me.

    Funny kind of site this is, why no tech support personnel here to ask us about symptoms/screenshots etc., ?
  • jmorgisonjmorgison Posts: 22 Level 2
    Or no tech support personnel to help us with our questions??
  • Lynn_AllenLynn_Allen Posts: 19 Level 2
    I have been having the same problem for about a week. Comments are sent to Customer Support, and the standard answer, which has nothing to do with the problem, is sent back. I have even tried going through Facebook, because they have answered in the past, but not this time around. Apparently we are not the only individuals having problems, and according to the individuals who are able to get a hold of Support, it  is in the process of being fixed. When? Who knows.
  • Marilyn-3Marilyn-3 Posts: 70 Level 2
    Seems that this update is affecting all games......I'm not getting or receiving lives in Pepper Panic either. I just started playing Bubble Witch Saga 2 to pass the time while waiting for the fix to happen, and the game is freezing upon opening Level 6!! Can't go any further there either. 
  • DeryckDeryck Posts: 447 Level 4

    Like many others, I noticed I was not receiving lives from friends or requests to send friends lives for about a week now. This occurs both via Win10 app and, though finally(!) today I received 1 life on (nothing through Win10 still tho). I'm beyond the point where I need ticket access to the next episode, but what others here express makes perfect sense about being stuck.

    @angiehere I played via originally and made the switch to the Win10 app earlier this year. Once you sync your game, boosters will sync too. Only lives reset to 0. I prefer playing on to do the sugar drop challenge (the drops are added much quicker), but the app/mobile version has its benefits. At this point, both and the app are giving trouble though, and I'm guessing the problem is interrelated.

    If I was the tinfoil hat type, I would wager King is intentionally mucking things up to see how much we (the players) complain. Well, King, the people (namely me) will only take so much..

  • suman_msuman_m Posts: 14 Level 2
    To all ( only kingdom)
    You have to sync this game with Facebook as well to get the full game benefit. I do not know why you are so scared. Those games that are playing games in via browser, I tell them that after 2825 you will not get any new level there. Sync the game with Facebook, but you can play the game with any 1 id at any device. 
    You have joined the community so please let us know if there is a problem with your game, we will tell the solution or our manager's will solve the problem.
    King is trying hard to bring something new to the game, in some cases there are problems, but they are being resolved. Maybe in some cases it takes a little longer to solve it.
    I repeat again, keep a little patience. Have a good day  :)
  • Marilyn-3Marilyn-3 Posts: 70 Level 2
  • Sukanta_BiswasSukanta_Biswas Posts: 19,161 Superstar
    Marilyn-3 said:
    Thank you for the update

    I hope you are happy  :)

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  • cadvancadvan Posts: 9 Newbie
    I find it BS that you HAVE to sync w/Facebook to get full benefit from this game - I am one of those that refuse to use that moronic program that steals your private data to sell to the highest bidder.  I too have gone over a week with not able top get tickets and with <1 star support from King.  If this continues Candy Crush Saga goes on my caca list as does permanently.
  • Marilyn-3Marilyn-3 Posts: 70 Level 2
    I hear you. When you sync with Facebook, you lose ALL your favorite friends and rely solely on Facebook friends to send lives. I have very tight FB privacy and allow very few FB friends, which of only THREE are currently playing Candy Crush. Therefore, I have to constantly wait for lives. Very frustrating to not be able to continue to play Candy Crush Saga Kingdom Platform version right now.
  • Deejay100sixDeejay100six Posts: 26 Level 2
    For those, like myself, who are stuck between episodes, I would have thought it possible for us to at least be given the tickets required to progress to the next level. That way, at least we would have something to do pending the issue being solved.

    Otherwise, as someone else suggested, it just looks like this has been done on purpose to entice people to spend their money on tickets/lives.

    At first it seemed like was a professionally run affair..............I'm not so sure now. :angry:
  • moustachemoustache Posts: 23 Level 2
    Na het ontbreken van ontvangst en verzending levens voor mijn vrienden weigert het gratis rad ook mijn prijs ( het handje )

    Het kan blijkbaar niet op vandaag .

    Vriendelijke groeten
  • gogirlgogirl Posts: 8 Newbie
    Not happy at all at this situation re playing candy crush and not being able to send or received lives after doing so quite happily for years please sort this out like many others I do not have a facebook account and have no wish to have one.
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