Get rid of Timed Sugar Drops/Boosters



  • Carl_HunterCarl_Hunter Posts: 11 Newbie
    I agree the timed boosters for collecting sugar drops are a waste of time. Please revert the sugar drop prizes back to the way they were.
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  • andrea60andrea60 Posts: 1 Newbie
    Get rid of the timed boosters!!! It’s not going to make people spend money, it will do the opposite. People won’t spend money now because King is being cheap and limiting boosters. Bad idea!
  • DeryckDeryck Posts: 447 Level 4
    edited July 2019

    (FYI I made a separate post earlier directed to Peter that was held for approval. Just a heads up in case it randomly appears tomorrow, the day after, etc. and looks completely out of place with what's being discussed here by then.)

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 707 Level 4
    I really wonder if anybody at King takes any notice of the avalanche of complaints, as from this thread they keep adding timed boosters with gay abandon. I reached Level 5075 on Wednesday morning, so have been inactive since.
    I bet swift action will be taken when their advertising revenue and/or share price decreases !!
  • melhencemelhence Posts: 101 Level 3
    I am currently at level 5075, which as of now is the lat released now I log in every day with the hope of playing for sugar drops where we get the regular boosters for future i play a couple of games till the first level and when I realise that the feature of timed boosters remain I quit this what Candy Crush is aiming for? I really really wish that the developers would use their time and creativity for giving players features which are enjoyable or are wanted by the example being the feature of typing in a number for the level you wish to play instead of the long scrolling !!! Nearly all players wish to have this feature yet the developers are turning a deaf ear to this request while wasting their time in adding features detrimental to the enjoyment of playing this game.
  • DipendraDipendra Posts: 1 Newbie
  • Bachanaram5_GargBachanaram5_Garg Posts: 6 Newbie
    Now the game has become furious
  • ssandmtbssandmtb Posts: 2 Newbie
    Just adding my dismay at the timed sugar boosters.  They are a complete waste of time especially if you have run out of lives.  These boosters need to be banked for use at our own choice not when forced into using them before the time runs out. I have been playing now for about 10 years but these timed boosters are ruining my enjoyment and I am now seriously considering stopping.
  • leahjane10leahjane10 Posts: 68 Level 3
    TIMED BOOSTERS FOR SUGAR DROPS IS A HORRIBLE IDEA!  I cannot speak for others, but for me being near level 5000, I NEED THE BOOSTERS FOR TO GET THROUGH THEM. 

    I usually don't type in ALL CAPS since come across as yelling, BUT I AM THAT FRUSTRATED!

  • TygerTyger Posts: 16 Level 2
    I seem to have everything back the way it was, thank goodness....weird that random of us that got this back 
  • tlf155tlf155 Posts: 3 Newbie
    Agree with everyone.  Get rid of timed boosters asap.
  • MissPoessMissPoess Posts: 10 Newbie

    Good morning King,

    Well - depends on what you call good. This morning I was so privileged to receive NOT ONE single normal booster while playing the sugar trail. Nothing else but totally useless timed ones instead. The past weeks there used to be a rare normal one besides the timed ones. As if that wasn't bad enough already the normal ones seem to be extinct completely now and replaced with the monstrous timed  clones. What on earth is King trying to achieve? Is it an experiment to find out how much it takes to make your players hate you and quit? Or is it simply a very ordinary attempt to sell more boosters? Did you perhaps kick out your complete pr-department? Replaced them with total nitwits??! Don't you understand that players who never bought boosters before will never start doing it now? That the ones who used to buy boosters will buy more and hate you for it or simply quit? I'll keep playing till I run out of boosters and then it's bye bye CC! I wish you lots of fun explaining the loss of players to your advertisers.

  • MissPoessMissPoess Posts: 10 Newbie
    btw - where do I vote? I can't seem to find it. Or is my post here the vote against the timed boosters?
  • waazoowaazoo Posts: 11 Level 2
    I cant get to page one ....  assuming thats where you can vote....  is that so we can't vote.   Game is sucking right now
  • HomeOfLoveHomeOfLove Posts: 56 Level 3
    I am not a fan of timed sugar drops. Candy Crush is my break game, I only have time to play it for 5 - 10 minutes during breaks throughout the day. I get that Candy Crush is probably hoping that people will keep playing it for hours no end, but people with money to spend on Candy Crush, most likely have jobs, so they can't just sit down and play it for 30 - 60 minutes straight. I hope Candy Crush rethinks this. 
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