Need help!!! Trying to help my 81 year old father get back his levels on Candy Crush Saga

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Hello Support team -

This is a humble request for my 81 year old father. He is a BIG, BIG FAN of Candy Crush Saga. He had reached level 788 on this game. His cell phone accidentally got factory reset. He is really bummed that he lost all his levels he had gotten to with the hard play. It is really bugging him that he lost all the levels. I promised him that I will try to get back the levels for him by reaching out to you. Will you be able to get his levels back? It is the same phone, same phone number and same email address.

Can you restore his level to where it was using the email and phone number above? Is there anything else you would need? As I mentioned above, it is the same phone device, same phone number and email address. His phone got factory reset accidentally and he had to download the game again.




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