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🎷🎻🎤🎸 Which music is your favourite in the Music Festival?

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,137 Community Manager
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The Music Festival is starting on 3 August!

We will give you the Candy Crush Soundtrack in four different versions during twelve days.

Which one of the four music themes is your favourite?

Are you a jazz cat, country dude, pop person or a rock rebel?

In case you missed any of the themes or wanna pre-listen, here's all four music themes that are featured in the game 3-15 August:

Vote on your favourite and comment why that one is the sweetest!

All players who vote and comment will get this Candy Music Festival badge:

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🎷🎻🎤🎸 Which music is your favourite in the Music Festival? 227 votes

Crazy Cat LadTonia_SimsMarcemarce22PummyRajDiamond_Limkiara_waelSupergrlPitty_Kittymaf34100SaimaSheraziCOSMagnoliawujMoh1977Elviramartinez_61tmorris58Ayrmalekimsmitgytdersomyalex123maggiecacaAndyAndy999 32 votes
Lady_ChooToanddTzvi_MarcubearwithmedipackMountainMomtavahortangelrebelchildGarfieldlovertexastwintwoslick89gtRoary2020Kate3Agordan109860570807zdrLadyGaivmanjmbigrasbeccafredda 35 votes
QueenBJeffMakesGamesSukanta_BiswasPeanut7139SabrinaMEnergizerBunnySIASIAFaRayhamitziegirlrukzsiti_payungbmkersey08PrettyBubblesEOTheGr8MiladyRsugarsuperLoveDachsDieOmimiKingsDaughter14betchiegrl29 95 votes
Frank_RichardsAndres-2ScooterpieGlenn1972andreah1criscountmessenaboutBoybinaryBassin12BQN537LaurenmlhCourtney1990Candycrush26wykoonMaryLuyo2020namal_butt_01Nikolaos_Prodromidishechicerillame6412owaisumer 65 votes


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