how to restore all the level progress in candy crush saga.I was not connected to facebook.



  • Sonal_BatraSonal_Batra Posts: 10
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    Hi everyone!  Welcome to the community. Please see this blog here for the steps to follow if you have lost some of your progress. The Blog includes lots of steps on how to fix this problem yourself :-)

    If you are not able to restore your own levels, please see the contact form at the end of the Blog, be sure to select "Lost Progress" as the reason of contact.

    Many thanks

    Someone please help me too. I tried everything. Contacted via form, nothing came back. Troubleshooted, nothing. I just signed in FB and lost from level 1300 to just 1.
  • ranirani Posts: 4
    @Cezdiamond Please help me I have almost all my progress as I tried saving it in facebook , I was in level 1896 ..please it took me so much of time and effort to reach there..
  • ranirani Posts: 4
    @Cezdiamond I also tried sending you a message, can you please help me? I lost all my progress as I tried saving them in facebook. I don't remember saving them with any email id as I tried all the email id I use from the tab and it says not registered , please help me here ! 
  • memefortmemefort Posts: 1
    i just got a new phone and I lost all of my levels. I was on lever 1300 or so and it took me back to 1. I don’t think I signed up when I first got candy crush.
    please help!
  • elukusnehelukusneh Posts: 1
    Please I need help restoring my candy crash saga levels it was synchronized with Facebook but after resetting my phone I was back at level one please help 
  • Help this just happened to me!
  • NiemandNiemand Posts: 1
    @Cezdiamond I lost all my progress as I tried saving them in facebook. I was on lvl 2793 (!) and now I am back on level 1. Please, help! 
  • jonesy1980jonesy1980 Posts: 1
    I’ve lost all progress on candy crush today as I signed into FB with a new account. I was on level 2089? Could someone please help?!?! Thanks
  • JennieofoksJennieofoks Posts: 1

    I was at level 350 when i reset my phone. I was not connected to facebook. How can i get my game progress back? Game ID - 5988345281

  • cassatponacassatpona Posts: 1
    i have the same problem that started about a month ago and I left it to sort when I was back.
    i was at level 3800 something and now I have gone back to level 1
    please could you let me know how I can get back to my level and any colour bombs/UFOs (I think I had 3 UFOs).

    please help.
    kind regards 
  • 10AJ10AJ Posts: 1
    I was playing on my Fire tablet, not logged in to either Facebook or King, and the screen went black.  When I restarted the app, I started at Level 1!  I have since created a new King account and have logged in with that.  Can you help restore me to Level 170 and 6 gold bars?
  • pblearspblears Posts: 1
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    I cant watch bonus video to gain extra boosters, the curtains open on the video then just a blank screen with an exit cross in the top right corner.  Any suggestions?
  • JRayJRay Posts: 1
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    Hi @Cezdiamond! I encountered the same problem too. Lost all my progress when i created a new fb account. Thing is, i was not able to register my candy crash saga thru email. I was at 3020+ something and all was gone and im back at square 1. Please help me with it. Thanks. Lost progress.
  • slgjibeshslgjibesh Posts: 1

    Hi, I have lost all my progress to candy crush because of my device change, but I have played candy crush logged in under my facebook account. After logging in with my facebook id it currently back to level 1 from level 1000+, please help!

  • MoniiMonii Posts: 1
    Same problem as many other people, not logged into FB or King account. My progress was reset to level 1 today, didn't do anything.. Would be nice to get back to Level ~750 i have played this game for two years now and had to start from zero once already because my phone died :(
    pls help @Cezdiamond !
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