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Game is crashing after the latest update on Android and Kindle! (This is fixed)!



  • QueenB
    QueenB Posts: 13,847 Community Manager

    Thanks for getting back @Bromley 👍

    The email you have provided shows the account got recently created so I'm afraid your game has not been backed up or, you have connected it to the wrong email.

    If you don't remember which email your game was backed up to, we can manually restore your progress but we need to know which you need to be on.

    Thanks 😊

  • afresh30
    afresh30 Posts: 8 Level 2

    Hi Queen I finally got the update button when I pushed it, nothing happened except it said downloading which made me, happy, that was 23 hours ago. Since then I have restarted my Kindle 4 times, I've tried to cancel the update to no avail. Now when I try to go to my apps/games setting my screen blacked out, I can't even reach the app store. I just restarted my Kindle again and I still can't access any of my archived games nor the app store. Why is it working fine on my Kindle7 but not my 8-any help would be appreciated.

    P.S I've already tried the instructions on the site

  • sameeksha
    sameeksha Posts: 4,422 Level 5

    hello..same here...😪

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