We want your feedback on Rachel and her Quest!



  • goestoelevengoestoeleven Posts: 21 ✭✭
    Almost done, but 45 stars on the second half of the event is really a slog.  At higher levels that sometimes take multiple days to clear, this could be really tough for a lot of people
  • seximrtoffeeseximrtoffee Posts: 14 ✭✭
    @MightyWolf @Sofia1992 ;
    I don't understand how your advice, mighty wolf, is helpful? Obviously we want color bomb combos. That's like saying, "in order to win a soccer game, all you have to do is score a ton of goals"...

    But how do you get all those combos?!
  • Nicolecash35Nicolecash35 Posts: 1
    How do you beat this one 
  • neuman1812neuman1812 Posts: 5
    Just found out I will not be getting this event,  while my wife's game does.  And before anyone says to check...yes we have the same updated version.

    So here's my feedback:  why?  My wife also got the last event also.  Is it my phone?  My play time?  What makes us different?
  • wafercookieflipperswafercookieflippers Posts: 2,533 Legend
    @neuman1812 — I’m sorry to hear you won’t be getting the Rachel quest or character. I don’t think it is right, and I am a player like your wife who has gotten the quests and characters. I wrote feedback on this on Page 3. Nothing that you mentioned should affect your game like this, but I don’t have the answers. My hope is that more players who have all the features will start giving feedback that this model they are using isn’t working. It is a bad player experience. Continue to give feedback and ask questions. Again, you have my sympathy and I hope it changes. 

             🍫 be humble. be grateful. be kind. 🐳
  • BADBAD Posts: 8
    Sofia1992 said:
    Hi @DroneDome .
    Since I noticed that you are level designer and since I'm still playing Rachel's event and I'm in level 6 of it now, I would like to share my opinion to you (and to your team, of course!)

    First of all, I love the map on Rachel's event. It's colorful and a very unique one.
    Secondly, I love Rachel and her unique ability (it was a little hard to understand it first but now I realised how it works) .
    And third, my congrats to you (and to your team) for doing great job of creating such a unique event for the most of us (plus I hope and everyone else to enjoy this event soon) .

    But, I have a small complain about this event:
    Some of Rachel's levels are a bit hard to be passed. Although I love those unique levels and I mastered her ability somehow, still they are hard. Many blockers everywhere plus the less moves that we have in every level. And as the result, without gold bars or boosters, that makes them very hard to be passed.

    So, if you don't mind since it's my opinion of course, in the future events to have less blockers in every event level, more moves and also, try to reduce and the stickers (on the boosters) so we get easier and faster more boosters and pass those levels easily and enjoy the experience of this game more.

    ~That's what I have to say and for once again, my congrats for creating such a great event like this one.~

  • BADBAD Posts: 8
    I agree! I have been stuck on level 5 with Rachel 4 days and ready to give up!
  • uyulalahuyulalah Posts: 10 ✭✭
    I'm stuck on level 5 for while now. Sometimes that board is so unplayable that I need to take a break from it, and reading some comments it seems that I won't be getting the character since I have to complete the event.. :/  
  • melodicravenmelodicraven Posts: 1
    These levels are too hard. Been playing every day since the start of the event and can't even get past level 5. It's taking a lot of the fun out of this. 
  • bearbearbearbear Posts: 5
    I passed all 10 levels.  Got 45 stars but no Rachel!  Can you tell me why.  Ir says I still need 100 more points?  Please, I worked my butt off for this.
  • actressactress Posts: 92 ✭✭✭
    edited October 8
    ** Removed by CM - misleading information **
  • DevimDevim Posts: 4
    No event for me. My king ID is 9963546900
  • neuman1812neuman1812 Posts: 5
    actress said:
    For those who didn't get Rachel post your user ID  so King can look at your account and help you.

    From another post I did with queenmia:  
    "Therefore, unfortunately there is no need to send me your game ID as we won't be able to add the event for you this time round. "

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