how to restore all the level progress in candy crush saga.I was not connected to facebook.



  • @cezdiamond can you help me with this still? I didn't have an email address or facebook connected, but was at level 705. Thanks!

  • kbr0kbr0 Posts: 4

    @cezdiamond I'm having the same issue - I connected with facebook to try to save my progress and I went all the way back to level 845! I had just made it to level 1500 before. Can you help me with this? Thank you!!

  • rara-3rara-3 Posts: 9

    The same happened to me too. I was planning to save my progress so I created a Facebook to syn it and lost all my previous progress. Please help me! I don't think I have an email registered before. Don't remember. Was on level 975 with a massive amount of boosters and now everything is gone. 

  • kbr0kbr0 Posts: 4

    @cezdiamond ;- my game is now showing that i'm missing a couple hundred levels between where it was when I re-synced and where I actually was (between 860 and 1200 are missing). Is there anyway to fix this? The game automatically starts me on level 861 every time I open it, even though I'm on level 1500+. Thanks!

  • IgErgIgErg Posts: 1

    Hi @cezdiamond. I am on level 1,732 and need to switch to a new phone. Hence I signed in to Candy Crush on my old phone with a facebook account. On that phone it says the progress is saved. However, when I use another device (iPad) and  sign in with my fasebook account, it only shows my progress up to level 11. Could you please help me? My e-mail is [email protected]

  • Hi, I also am having a problem like this. I have years worth of gameplay under my belt. Last night, I was noticing that the game was telling me I wasn’t connected to Facebook. So I tried to login, and it wiped all of my data. I am now back to level 1 with none of the gold bars or saved up items (bombs, Swedish fish, etc) I used to have. I can’t remember what level I was on, but it was somewhere in the 1500-2000 range. Please help, this is extremely disappointing!

  • SL-2SL-2 Posts: 1

    I have the same problem. I have been playing Candy Crush Saga on my iPhone X close to level 2500. It prompted me to log into Facebook. I tried to log into my regular account, but the app forced me to log into an older account. Now, when I log into EITHER account I don't see my latest is 2370 and the other is 51. Help! 

  • Chloe-4Chloe-4 Posts: 1

    I have the same problem too. I've been playing the game on my laptop and have already reached level 1200++ almost 1300, but after my device restart, I'm now back to level 1. I'm not login to my facebook account and when I type my email address, it shows that the user does not exist. Please help!

  • Hi, I have the same problem. Didn't register with FB, only with GooglePlay. Suddenly back to level 1, and when I try to log in with my GooglePlay email it says account doesn't exist :(

  • Sim-4Sim-4 Posts: 1

    Hi @Cezdiamon, can you send me a message too? I was at a high level I think at around 400 , and all my levels synced back to 1 and lost all my progress after signing in with my facebook account .... Also note that i didn't even logged in by my email id ever.... Thanks

  • Bigjon01Bigjon01 Posts: 4

    Good morning @Cezdiamon, I too lost my progress of approx. level 1150. Can you please help me. I tried all of the email addresses I could have used with no luck.

  • Hello, could you please help me to restore my progress. I was at level 940 and suddenly I am at level 1 and not able to log in with email. I haven't logged in with facebook. And dont remember logging in with email. Thanks

  • I was at level 494 and "synced" to facebook as backup.  However, once changed to new iPhone and logged in, I am on level 6.  Please help!

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