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Have you had a chance to take a look at the Candy Cup Hub? We would like to hear from you 😃

QueenB Posts: 10,238 Community Manager
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The Candy Cup Hub is live, and we would like to hear your thoughts about it so that we can improve your gaming experience 😉

If you have had a chance to take a look at the Candy Cup Hub, we would like to know the following:

🍬 How clear is the information provided in the Candy Hub?

🍬 Which kind of information is more relevant to you?

🍬 Has the Candy Hub met your expectations?

🍬 How would you rate your experience in the hub? 

🍬 What did you liked the most and the least and Why?  

Your feedback really matters to us 🤗

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Have you had a chance to take a look at the Candy Cup Hub? We would like to hear from you 😃 145 votes

I've check the hub
bmkersey08olyamtEOTheGr8PyramidqueenajwjeKingsDaughter14mimichua7Princess_Jessicastevethomas3838adidas11zs1982Alienscargamepowerprince_bkElviramartinez_61LeFlarcaneNico_Groaringlionboi69MhizblessingJesvik86BuffaloGal57 43 votes
I have not checked the hub yet
Tzvi_MarcuVinicius_SutilLindsayah6lelenspShaDiszMonicaiseppato69tumawevanesitamona77sarmin123MamiRosie8ceconalEzekiel_Akindeparsamahboobiblueacetowada77umarhayat77karja777alatheia81lindygurl23sarabahjat96 22 votes
The hub? I haven't noticed it yet...where is it?
JeffMakesGamesRhonda_P_KinchenMarcemarce22Linda_Greene_2Didirescobb1965johnstonbradspottedhorseNazzimisapo_1HelenMeventsgreddycandyfrancycastroRyanthecrusherlips41doneff1015Terri_1mamanoahKiki_gBettinaRick 38 votes
I found the information helpful
__MULLIGANACEOUS__Fran334xharpoxwesam7foty1Li_ViDoondieujumayorDanfarii__am__yamrajDleomomo5405MeghaKhajuria01ALFONSO_2911LuhluanaBilal1212sharpieSvetukJTA86Lovedperfectly 26 votes
I did not find the hub helpful
Peter_TornarosjeanpsCurtiss1973kkebdatrouble1105spookydustationM19ZsazsaSusandanceforjoywillalgriffinWestcoastbrandyann1981olorilionSinghjitumichellemoglevySteffyB1984 16 votes


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