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💬💭 Level Feedback! Leave your feedback on the new levels! (2021)



  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 1,174 Level 4

    No problem @FoxyBrown60.

    The only catch is the feedback that is there right now is from the players who got the levels on Windows 10 before the rest of us on mobile devices get them.

    What happens is that after the Windows 10 players do the levels, they tweak the levels by removing moves and adding blockers for the release to mobile devices. That is why you see YouTube videos with more moves and less blockers than what you see when we get the levels.

    Unfortunately, the tweaks have been too severe lately and the mobile players are stuck with nightmarishly hard or impossible levels until they read the feedback from the weekend and tweak the most complained about levels back down to make them less impossible.

    It is getting to the point where your best bet is to wait until Monday or Tuesday of the next week to begin the episodes released the previous Wednesday. That way all the levels will have hopefully gone through the adjustment cycle and will be more playable. Of course, those of us at the end of the map will have a hard time being that patient and will be the ones leaving the feedback complaining about the impossible levels. Maybe the best compromise would be to play the newly released levels, but don’t waste any good boosters on them until you see if the levels are doable or impossible.

    Just my two cents on what I’ve seen going on with the levels for a while…

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • FoxyBrown60FoxyBrown60 Posts: 31 Level 2


    Thanks for the comments. I posted a query on the new feedback page but will probably try very hard to be patient 😅 and hold off until next week.


  • LindQLindQ Posts: 550 Kingster

    Hi @nnarkis and @FoxyBrown60 ! A few releases lately have been difficult, but we are going for an easier release this week to see how that goes (some more easy levels in comparison to earlier). It is true that we don't tweak during the weekends, but we don't tweak according to the community complaints (unless someone has a glitch because of boosters etc), we tweak by data. Other than that we tweak daily for the levels that need it most.

    The feedback we appreciate most is not about difficulty, but rather design, maybe how frequently blockers are used etc. But of course it's good if you all express when you feel like levels are too hard. We try to listen to you all and make the game fun for as many players as possible 😊

  • Marcellus_CémerisMarcellus_Cémeris Posts: 94 Level 3

    With only a few days left to complete three months playing CCS, I have already completed 7820 levels ... it was supposed to be a little bit ahead, but I slowed down in the last few weeks. 😬😁🐼👑

  • nnarkisnnarkis Posts: 1,174 Level 4

    Thanks for the information about how the levels are adjusted for playability @LindQ.

    I don’t want to only complain, so that’s why I hoped you read my thoughts on the design of level 9256. That was a beautifully designed level that was challenging but really fun. As a player, I enjoy the levels that give the player various ways to attack. The least enjoyable levels have extremely limited move choices and reshuffle a lot. Really tight levels can be fine as long as they can be opened up quickly to give the player more move choices.

    Thanks for listening to our feedback. It sounds like we all want the same thing, a fun game that we enjoy playing.

  • FencesFences Posts: 723 Level 4

    So far, none of the levels King made in the 9000s are fun at all. Period.

  • FoxyBrown60FoxyBrown60 Posts: 31 Level 2

    Hey @LindQ

    Feedback on 9261-9275

    Except for 9262 the levels were doable and some were quite interesting:

    61 was straightforward. 

    62 was tedious because it had far too many orders to fill without using boosters. After multiple attempts I gave up and used my solitary UFO 😅 and a hammer or two.

    63 was puzzling at first - but once you figure out the trick with the frog this turned out to be quite easy. That was clever!

    64 one of the cleverest levels that I can recall ever playing. Good job 👍🏻 whoever did this one.  

    65 was took a few tries but fish were actually helpful. 

    66 - 75 were very straightforward, boards were good.

    I shall decide if to move onto 9276-9290 today - of course after I review the comments 😉


  • PriyacandyPriyacandy Posts: 797 Level 3
  • soniabeuvesoniabeuve Posts: 5 Level 2

    Llevo jugando varios años, he comenzado muchas veces, solo que mí juego en la app no abre, o si abre de cierra solo y pierdo las vidas :(

  • soniabeuvesoniabeuve Posts: 5 Level 2

    Voy en el 4000 y espero avanzar mucho más

  • Diamond LimDiamond Lim Posts: 64,557 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Hello! @soniabeuve 👋

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    But you can join and ask here with using Spanish Language on Spanish Corner. Thanks! 😊

    Have a nice day! 😊

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