Olivia's Quest Disappeared



  • KajaiKajai Posts: 26 ✭✭
    I have the same problem. I got Olivia's Enclave on Thursday, the event with the 10 extra levels with the underwater world background and the octopus. I only finished the first level and wanted to play the others later. But on Friday it was completely gone although it said on Thursday that it would stay around for 13 days and some hours more. There is no way to get back to it and also the hidden character in the scrapbook, which I guess would have been Olivia, disappeared. I tried playing regular levels, logging out and back in into my account, started my computer anew a few times, nothing helped. It is still gone.

    I only play the game with my desktop computer. Windows 10. User ID: 7712595879.
    I really like to get the event back.

  • tish1025tish1025 Posts: 19 ✭✭
    The Enclave still hasn't returned for me.  It popped up when I had only one life a few days ago (Wednesday, I think), and when I went back, it was gone.

    I play on a desktop, Windows 10, and my user id is 6596703940.

    Wait?  Did I just read about a turkey costume for Tiffi?  Never saw that one, either.

    Is there a way to update the game for the pc so that I have the most current version?

    I would really like to get the event back.  I enjoy playing this game so much and the events just add something delightful.

  • drb2019drb2019 Posts: 1
    I am on the latest version on my iPhone and have never seen the event. My wife plays in her iPhone and she has the event
  • DrkchyldeDrkchylde Posts: 4
    I have done all you said to do but every time I quit the game because I am out of lives, the next time return the challenge is gone. What's worse is when I FINALLY get the challenge to reappear again my progress is erased and I have to start all over. This has happened 3 times now....not sure I want to try anymore or play :( 
  • NeesyNeesy Posts: 4
    Hi, Olivia disappeared on mine too. I play on my PC, my user id is 10003222222.  Please help to get her back.
  • ryanbabzryanbabz Posts: 5
     yeah same here I'm playing on a Samsung Galaxy S7 and the octopus levels keep disappearing grrr
  • everlenaeverlena Posts: 2
    Please fix the problem with  Oliver The octopus. I really wanted that character And I have spent money on  Bars.
  • mtnanjelmtnanjel Posts: 9
    I'm still having same problem played it on 25th. Disappeared never came back.
     I'm on a pc and have gotten out of the app many times reloaded and its still not there. please help! 
    Checked for update there wasn't one.
    My user id 10208555910 I was on level 2 of Olivia's enclave
  • loopdjheloopdjhe Posts: 5
    Hi, guys, same problem here. 
    I started the side quest and I beat 9/10 levels. I was ready to beat last level, but the event magically disappeared after some hours of inactivity.
    I’m running game (updated to last version) on IPhone X.
    The strange thing is that Olivia’s enclave appeared in my game before updating to last version.
    Now I lost its traces: not on the upper left of map, not in the collector screen, not in the daily quests.
    Just another thing: even though I play each and every day, my daily reward seems to be always pack #1 not upgrading to #7.
    Hope you can help me!
  • QueenMiaQueenMia Posts: 5,863 Community Manager
    Hi everyone and thank you so much for all the details you gave. 

    We are truly sorry about the inconvenience and are working on a fix asap.

    For those on you who play on mobile devices, we advise you to force close the App (not re-install, but force close - iOS or Android) then play a few normal levels, and that should bring the enclave back.

    For the others, I will keep you posted asap. In the meantime, please don't worry, we'll find a solution for you ;) 

    Thank you all for your patience, it's really appreciated :star: 

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  • UntUnt Posts: 2
    edited April 30
    same issue pc user id 10068002545. playing on fifth level and poof. its gone.
  • KajaiKajai Posts: 26 ✭✭
    The event still hasn't reappeared for me. :(
  • mtnanjelmtnanjel Posts: 9
    Any updates for those missing Olivia's enclave on pc!
  • cuppycake1976cuppycake1976 Posts: 1
    edited May 2
    I don't have the event either but do have the collect stars for Olivia... except today... My 19 stars disappeared!! There was barely a chance of getting Olivia earning 45 stars... But now I have to start over!? No!! Please help!
    Player Id: 1049322955
    IPhone XS

  • NaihelNaihel Posts: 3
    Hello, my problem, and I think it is serious, is that I never appeared Oliva event, I have the game updated to the latest version and still does not appear. Unlike others that appeared to them
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