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πŸƒ Who is the best Joker ❓Tell us your funniest jokes πŸƒβ™ β™₯β™£β™¦πŸ˜†

AshrafAshraf Posts: 3,658 Legend
edited July 2019 in Off-Topic

"King" Bubblegum Troll
enjoys the new crown πŸ‘‘
& his high position in
🍬 The Candy Town 🍭

But as is known in all kingdoms...
as long as there is a king...
we found The JokerπŸƒπŸƒ
who entertains the king
&Β makes him laugh.

Now we are looking for nice jokes
to be heard by the kingΒ 

and to be heard by the
distinguished players of
the "King" games


Who can say the most fun jokes?Β 

bring the funniest jokes here,
so that we all can enjoy it

& you may draw a beautiful
smile on the faces of
😊 people in this πŸ˜†
sweet community.




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