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Just today the quit button will not let me reset you just have to play that level or loose

Jackie_CoeJackie_Coe Posts: 64 Level 3

I cannot reset a level for example to have 2 boosters together, it just says that if I quit, I will loose space dash etc, so you have to play that level or loose everything - 1 go.  I am on level 3665.  This has never happened before, please help

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  • CrystaltippsCrystaltipps Posts: 7
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    I know that I will lose a life if I quit after making a move. But what has changed is that now I also lose a life if I quit BEFORE making any moves. So I can no longer reset the level to line up my boosters in the way that I used to. And I don't understand why some can still do this and I can't.

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