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✅Completed Daily Win Sticker to get win Gold Bars and Badge🍬

kiara_wael Posts: 142,961 Candy Moderator
edited October 2023 in Contests
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Hello Candy Crushers ❤️. Time for a new Candy Crush Saga Community contest.!

Daily Win is one of the events in Candy Crush Saga that provides players with a rare booster upon a week of consistent gameplay.

The player needs to collect six stickers to get a reward. To receive boosters for collecting enough stickers. The player only can get one sticker in one day when passing the new level. This event is repeatable.

📝Contest Rules

  • Take a screenshot when you have completed 6 Stickers
  • In your screenshot you must have a game profile picture and include your initials
  • Please post screenshot Your last level
  • No borrowing, cropped and manipulated screenshots from another player will disqualify the offending player from winning gold bars and earning the badge.

Example post👇️

Post your screenshot in the comment below, Check out this guide on how to take a screenshot here. 📷

🎁 Rewards

The first five to Completed Daily Win will get 20 Gold Bars each, so don't miss it and all participants who Completed Daily Win will get lovely badge created by @bearwithme . Please note, if your participation is not correct, the badge will be revoked at the end of the competition.

🕑️You will be able to participate here until 13th October 2023 ( 11.00 CEST ) Terms and Conditions here.

Good luck Everyone and Happy Crushing 🍬



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