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New sweet levels are released every week in Candy Crush Saga and the Game Team and the Level Designers want your feedback on the new levels every week.

Click on the levels here below that you want to comment on to give your feedback directly to the people behind the levels!

Most recent releases on W10:

Levels 9396-9440

Was any episode harder or easier than usually?

Levels 9351-9395

Did you get stuck on any level?

Most recent releases on Facebook and mobile devices:

Levels 9306-9350

How do you feel about the Candy Bombs?

Levels 9261-9305

Any level that was a really sticky one?

Previous weeks:

Levels 9216-9260

Is there anything you felt was missing in this release?

Levels 9171-9215

Was there any level you would have made differently?

Levels 9126-9170

How do you feel about endurance levels?

Levels 9081-9125

How do you feel about sniping levels?

Levels 9035-9080

How log did it take to complete these 45 levels?

Levels 8991-9035

Which of the levels did you get stuck on the longest?



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