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Newbies, This message is for you!

ElsaElsa Posts: 23,016 Superstar
edited December 2019 in News & General Discussions
Whether you just came here today for the first time, or you've been here for a bit, I'd like to welcome you to our Candy Crush Friends Saga community.  I am going to give you a run down of some of the things that we have here in the community.

In the 'Share your comments and ideas here', you will find the Discussions and Ideas.

Let's start with the Discussions area.  There are five sub-sections in this area (General Discussion, News & Special Events, Off-Topic and Superstars Summer Contests).

In the General Discussion section, the studio is always looking for feedback so please check out this area and feel free to add your feedback too.  This community is very active and you will get to see our community manager's messages, @QueenMia, posted all over.  She just posted a Hot Topic Message, so check it out.  There is also a sub-section in this area that you will want to check out.

In the Child Categories: Level Designers Tips section, you will find some level tips offered by the game's level designers starting with episode 107. 

The Special Events & Contests is where you can find all current and past contests.

The Superstars Competitions area is where you can find any current and past contests contributed by our Superstars.

In the Off-Topic section you can introduce yourself to the community and then check out the various player's fun messages.  

Curious minds want to know!  You've undoubtedly seen people on the train or at a coffee shop or at work swiping at brightly colored candy pieces on their mobile devices.  Yes, they are playing Candy Crush Friends Saga!

We would like to know how you first learned about the game.  Please add your Candy Crush Friends Saga story.

In the Candy Friends Stories area you can find most of the stories that I created using the characters from this game. 

In our Ideas section, first you will want to read what @QueenMia, our Community Manager, has to say about the ideas here.  Then please feel free to check out some of these great ideas and vote!

Please follow this link for page two of this message  

You can find out more about our Superstars here
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