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Hi and welcome to the Candy Crush Saga Community! 


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🏋️🚴‍♀️🏊‍♂️🏃‍♂️ Something sporty is coming... Spoiler HERE!

🍬 ⏳️ Join the countdown to level 10 000! This week, level 6 000 HERE

🎧 Meet the Audio Team and give us your feedback ->  HERE! 🌟

💝🍫  The Chocolate Box is back - sweeter than ever!

👑👑👑  The Master of Master Trophies in Candy Crush Saga! Is it you?! Show us  HERE

☄️🌌 New candy, mechanics, and effects in Candy Crush Saga!  HERE 

🍬 🍬 The Candy Necklace in Candy Crush Saga! HERE! 

🌈🌈  New game mode in CCS: Rainbow Rapids! Learn more HERE

🍬 More Licorice in Candy Crush Saga: Licorice Curls and Licorice Fence.  All the info  HERE

🌶🌶  Always hot 🌶🌶

📖 🍬 Help on Levels! 15 Best tips & hints on how best to play and enjoy Candy Crush Saga.  [HERE]

🆙 How many levels are in Candy Crush? Check it out HERE 

📣🔔 The Fantastic 5 - Custom Teams!!  🙌 More info HERE 

📮 🎙️  Exclusive Q&A with the CCS Art Team: Questions 👉  HERE.    🎙️ Check out their replies   👉 HERE!

🤩 What’s the funniest Candy Crush story that has happened to you or somebody you know?  HERE 🌟

🍭 Candy Crush Saga Boosters: Tell us what you think HERE

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➡️ Syrup Square!

➡️  Slushy Studio!

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