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🍦⛸️ Ice Cream Games - Icy and sweet events in Candy Crush Saga!

Crazy Cat Lad
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February is going to be a month when we will get our pulses beating faster and reach a higher level in Candy Crush Saga.

Welcome to the Ice Cream Games!

It will be four weeks of frosty, sweet and sweaty events. Have your skates and skis ready! Them combined with your Candy Crush skills you will surely crush the challenges during the weeks.

Blue Skate Candies!

The blue candies will be reskinned into sharp skate candies during the Ice Cream Games to get the perfect winter game feeling in Candy Crush Saga.

Make sure to keep an eye on the following events in the game so you won't miss any Ice Cream Games events:

Pair Skating

Four teams in a divine figure skating tournament. All teams meet each other every the three first weeks. 

The fourth and last week it's time for the Finale!

More info and weekly updates about our Pair Skating will be available on our Pair Skating thread HERE!

Saga Stories - Trophy Take Back

Cupcake Carl has stolen the Ice Cream Trophies! Yeti and Tiffi are chasing him on skis across the Candy Kingdom to get the trophies back.

Follow the sweet story on your Saga map and claim rewards on your way on the ice creamy ski trails.

Collection Cheer

Join Olivia in her Collection Cheer by collecting specific items on your levels.

The items to collect are Color Bombs, by making them on your levels. Level Pins with passing new levels or Stars that you collect from your level scores.

Candy Curling

Play Candy Curling by choosing the right curling stone in the game.

For every wise choice of a curling stone you’ll get a reward and be able to continue and collect another.

Watch out for the Bubblegum Troll though! If you pick the wrong curling stone, the Bubblegum Troll will knock you out from the game and you’ll lose all your collected rewards. So make sure to end the game and claim your goodies in time.

Season Pass - Ski lift

Join Yeti and Tiffi in the ski lift up on the hill on the ice cream mountains.

Pass your regular levels on the map and claim rewards at the same time in the ski lift ride.

More in Community!

Ice Cream Game Sudoku - figure out the missing pieces and get the chance to win Gold Bars and Unlimited Lives HERE!

Share YOUR favorite ice cream and winter sports and claim your Ice Cream Game badge HERE.

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