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📱 Did you know that level 11 511...?

Crazy Cat Lad
Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,123 Community Manager
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Did you know that level 11 511 is designed and made by our Game Moderators in the Community?

In October 2021 we met up in a video call, we Community Managers, Game Moderators and the Level Design Team in Candy Crush Saga.

That resulted in making a level together.

The result and level is now out and is level 11 511!

Check it out here:

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📱 Did you know that level 11 511...? 50 votes

Really? That's so cool!
Tzvi_MarcuScooterpieCarol-38Diamond_Limmintmin2jeanpsNat09aautz1FaRayhabmkersey08Sugyteresawallace44santo_chris97aijaziqbalsmokingcatAmberRaeLeoCats4CazRemano88tkbm7872rebelchild 40 votes
Yeah! I was in the video call making the level.
Crazy Cat LadSukanta_BiswasYorben_GoereeNix66carmenechevarriaFencesLindQDaniTheOGTerri_1princebk 10 votes


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