Is there a known issue with Avatars in CCSS?

LizzyLemondropLizzyLemondrop Posts: 354 Superstar
My avatar hasn't been loading for a little over a week (playing the game on windows 10, not here at the community). Is anyone else having trouble seeing their avatar, and is this a known issue?
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  • XarlyXarly Posts: 2,096 Community Manager
    Hey @LizzyLemondrop ,

    Good to see you around, as always!

    Not that we know of, we haven't seen issues currently for avatars on Windows 10. Hopefully others can confirm if they have the same issue.

    I'll keep an eye here but if I miss anything, you can always tag me!


  • BeckyBubblegumBeckyBubblegum Posts: 281 ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 31
    Ironically enough, my avatar hasn't been loading either. I can see other players avatars just fine, but mine appears as a blank silhouette. Last weekend when I won Bubblegum Hill, instead of my avatar appearing when I took the throne, the avatar of the player I just overthrew appeared instead. :confused:
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