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👱🔄👩 Invite friends to your game - New way of connecting with other players in the game!

Crazy Cat Lad
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Choose your friends in your game by inviting them!

The new friends list and how to add friends to your game has now been rolled out for all players in Candy Crush Saga!

You can now choose which friends you want in your game by sending them an invite link.

How does it work exactly?

First tap your profile above on the Saga map and choose the tab 'Friends':

Tap the 'Add more friends' in the bottom and then 'Invite Friends':

Choose the platform where you want to send the invite. You can choose between email, Messenger, Whatsapp, Skype to mention only a few of all chat and social platforms on mobile devices that you can use. Finally, choose the friend and send the link that automatically will appear on the message.

If you are playing on Facebook you will instead get this pop up with a link. Copy the link from the field and send it to your friends.

Your friends can then accept your invite by simply clicking on the link that you sent!

The invite is link is active for 7 days only.

If your friends do not answer within the 7 day period, you can of course get a new link in the game and send it to them!

None of your friends play the game?

If your friends nor any family members play the game, or if you wanna have even more avid crushers to connect with, you can also share your link on the page here.

Copy the link on Facebook or in any of the social platforms on mobile, post it here in a comment to add your fellow Community players in your game.

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