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Welcome to Analysis, Theories and facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters (Info)

Sofia1992Sofia1992 Posts: 1,235 Game Expert
edited January 31 in Candy Friends Stories
Hello ! Hello to the awesome boys and girls of this great community.
Sofia or as my name is in this community Sofia1992 or how many awesome buddies like @AbhinavSargar call me with the special nickname #RockingQueenSofia , I welcome you all to my special discussion which is called 'Analysis, Theories and Facts about our favorite Candy Crush Characters'.

In this awesome discussion which was inspired by my great friend and awesome superstar of this community @Elsa , I analyse in the deepest everything you must know about Candy Crush Characters and especially the main characters from all Candy Crush Games. 
Those stories, theories, facts and even their bio and their skills are inspired from Candy Crush Games, from @Elsa's stories and also and from my own opinion and experience too in those Games.

So, as I know all of you who play Candy Crush Games for years have a very favorite character. But wouldn't be better to learn more things about them like where they are from and how they ended up in Candy Kingdom, or about more things about their personalities, or even spicy facts and theories about them or the best part is to learn more about their new skills in Candy Crush Friends Saga?

In that case, have no fear cause Sofia1992, the new Game Expert in CCFS and as I called myself with the title of 'Analyser' is right here to answer in all your questions about the Candy Crush Characters! YEAH! So, if you have any question about those characters, please write it below in comment section.

And I have a sweet surprise for you. In order to find the links of the tributes that I did until now, just press up to those 'Discussion Titles' below.
Have fun!

Analysis, Theories and facts about:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3A
Part 3B

Kimmy has only one tribute right now so click here

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3A
Part 3B

Don't worry. More special and awesome like tributes are coming soon.
Stay tuned for more and please, as I said earlier, comment below, press button 'Sweet' and also, save them in your bookmarks.

P.S: Also, a huge thanks to @Elsa for the inspiration and for helping me with the links and a big thanks to whole community who continues to support me!

And by the way, don't forget to read @Elsa 's stories too. I will put the links here so to have easier access in her all stories.
Once upon a time, in the Kingdom...
Once upon a time....Index

Thank you and...have a nice day!


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