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🍬 Candy Day: Win your very own candyfied portrait!



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    Welcome to Sweet King Community! 👑

    Thank you for your playing Candy Crush Saga. ❤️😊

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    Wondering how to take a screenshot? Check the instruction here. 📷

    If you're not clear on how to attach a picture to the thread, check out here. 🖼️

    You can also check more this games' exciting news and contests (click on spoiler warming button here) 👇😊

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    🌍️ Where are you playing from? Let us know and claim your Yeti world map badge HERE!

    ▶️ New Play Win Streak option for 39 Gold Bars HERE

    🤼‍♀️ Challenge a Friend - A new player vs player feature in Candy Crush Saga HERE!

    💃💰️ Candy Royale - New event with the Jelly Queen to earn Gold Bars in Candy Crush Saga HERE!

    🍦⛸️ Ice Cream Games - Icy and sweet events in Candy Crush Saga HERE!

    ☁️🙏 What is your Candy Zen Color? Find out and claim your personal badge HERE!

    ❤️ Candy Secret Crush - Share your Valentine's thoughts and claim a sweet badge HERE!

    ⭐️ 60 days playing Candy-share your thoughts and feelings HERE!

    Candy Crush Royalty Program HERE (Free Boosters And Gold)

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    🏰 The Royal Court of Candy Crushers HERE

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    📖 🍬 Help on Levels! 15 Best tips & hints on how best to play and enjoy Candy Crush Saga here.

    ✅ Claim the Exclusive Level 11 000 badge (Also Win Gold Bars) here!

    🤸‍♂️ 🧡 Sweet Happiness and balance with Tiffi - part 4 (Win 24h Unlimited Lives, Color Bombs or Striped & Wrapped Candies) HERE

    🗻🏺 Temple Training - The Bonus rounds - Win Gold Bars and Badge HERE!

    ❤️🍫💌🌹 Yeti's Valentine's Puzzle - 50 Gold Bars & 24h Lives to win HERE!

    💖 High or Low, Which Way To Go? Enter for a chance for Gold Bars and/or a Badge HERE! 💖

    💕 Community-Wide Valentine’s Day Contest 💕 Candy Crush Saga Contest - Win Gold Bars HERE

    One Million Club 🎉🎉Enter the Club and Grab your Badge HERE

    💕 Welcome to the 2022 Sweeter Than Ever Community-Wide Valentine's Day Contest - Win Gold Bars and Badge HERE (General Contest) 💕

    💘 Your thoughts on Valentine's Day - Win Gold Bars HERE (General Contest) 💘

    🍭 Have a nice and safety day! Sugar Crush! 🍭

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